It is said that Nebat began playing drums in his mother's womb, .

Nebat drums is an French musician. Nebat plays an eclectic mix of AfroHouse / Tribalelectro, and is known for his drums-playing , live performances and activism. Nebat's fan base spans several continents. His performance have been successful in North America, Europe , Asia , Africa , Indian ocean and Oceania.

Nebat is a two-time Award winner as well, winning awards for Best Instrumental and Best Traditional in 2011.

Nebat Drums invites you to a live session which will combine musicality and performance. Since he was young, Nebat is a oriental rhythm and Pop Rock music enthusiast. This guy is combining the East and the West spirits through impressive show permitting him to perform in the biggest parties around the world (especially the Love Parade, with a 800 000-people crowd) and work with several famous international DJs ...

During his world tour, Nebat plays in collaboration with a lot of famous guests including Black eyed peas / Lenny Kravitz / Jessie J / Laidback luke / Masters at Work / David Guetta / Roger Sanchez and many others.
His live shows bring a musical diversity since he's approaching both occidental and oriental house music, covering as well all the other music variations.

On February 14, 2004, Nebat announced a 10-year acoustic world tour. This announcement received a favorable feedback
in London , Miami , Tokyo , Osaka , Antannarivo , Florianopolis , Glasgow, Ibiza , Detroit , Melbourne , Perth , Alger, Dubai, Hong kong , Macao, Indian ocean ,Budapest , St Tropez , Paris , Barcelona , Berlin , New York , Houston,Las Vegas , Los Angeles , Chicago, Beirut , Sao Paulo , Geneve , Chicago , Lyon , Sardinia , Marakech , Athenes , Amsterdam …

nebat drums:
"Yes. I think people understand my music
. I know many people who may like the way we are handling things. People understand that you don't need to have your face on the covers of magazines to make good music.
I don't want to run into people shaking my hand, saying, 'Can I have your autograph?' because they think I'm exactly like them. Even girls, they can fall in love with your music, but not with you. You don't always have to compromise yourself to be successful." (Nebat drums)